Real Pain Relief

Pain has many causes: Scar tissue, tight muscles, restricted connective tissue, and even an overactive nervous system. I can help with all of them.

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A New You

Whether you want less pain, more flexibility, or greater stress relief, New Yew can help. Together we'll choose the combination of massage, reiki, aromatherapy, and stress mentoring that's right for your needs.

Headache Relief

Get relief from your tension headaches with the right combination of massage, reiki, and/or aromatherapy. No need to choose just one; I tailor each session to your needs and will happily use whichever combination is right for you that day.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief

It's time your neck and shoulders stopped hurting. The right combination of massage, reiki, and aromatherapy can get you on the road to less pain and a higher quality of life. Because let's face it, you deserve nothing less.

Meet the Therapist/Owner

I’m Michelle Doetsch. As a licensed massage therapist, reiki master, and certified aromatherapist, I’m here to help you reduce your pain, increase your ability to move with ease, and understand how your stress level affects both pain and movement.

From The Blog

"You are a miracle worker! I have had very few headaches and when I have had one I have been able to get it to go away. THANK YOU!!" ~ Danielle, Wyoming, Michigan