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  • Why You Need Special Playlists for When You’re Stressed Out

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    They say that music soothes the savage beast. They also say that you often give others the advice that you need yourself. I’m pretty sure they’re both right.

    I don’t know about you, but when I’m super stressed I find that music really can soothe my savage beast. I’ve also got a lot of stress right now and realized earlier today that I needed someone to remind me to pull up my “stress playlists” to soothe that inner beast. So here goes.

    What is a Stress Playlist?

    Simply put, it’s a music playlist put together specifically to deal with one or more aspects of stress or to help balance out some of your regular, but less than helpful, responses to stress.

    Over the years, I’ve found that these playlists work most of the time for me… when I remember them. These specific ones may or may not work for you. If they don’t, hopefully they’ll give you some ideas for playlists that will.

    So, here are the stress playlists that I’ve found useful over the years.

    Take Me Back

    Sometimes we need some distance between ourselves and our stress in order to be able to come back to it with fresh perspective or fresh ideas.

    When you just need to get away from the present moment for awhile or just remember a time when life wasn’t so demanding (or at least more fun), try a playlist of your favorite songs from high school, college, or some other less stressful time.

    Soundtrack it and Forget it

    Movies are a great means of escape but sometimes when the stress hits the fan, you don’t have 2 hours at a time to sit down and watch a movie. When that’s the case, put together a playlist of your favorite songs from your favorite movies. Listen to it in the car, while you doing all the mundane tasks of adulthood, or any other time you have to listen to music. It’s almost as good as rewatching those movies… especially if they have amazing soundtracks.

    Move it, Move it, Move it

    There’s nothing like a playlist that fills you with energy and makes you wanna move. In fact, the only thing better is actually moving to the songs on that playlist. It doesn’t matter whether you dance in the street, close your curtains and dance in your living room, or just let the music move you while you sit at your computer writing a blog post about using music playlists to combat stress… as long as you move.

    All the Feels

    Sometimes you need your music to be a vehicle to help you get your feelings out. I’ve got playlists with lots of booming bass to listen to when I’m angry or frustrated, and ones to help my cry when I need to do that. I’ve also got a feel-good playlist that is super uplifting that plays on repeat when I notice myself wallowing in one particular feel or other.

    A caveat on this type playlist: Don’t pick songs that will cause you to wallow or get lost in a particular feel. Examples: Don’t choose songs with really angry lyrics if you’re having a hard time managing your anger, or tear-inducing ones if you can’t stop crying. Don’t get me wrong, you need to feel your feels and music can help with that, but getting stuck in a particular emotion isn’t helpful.

    Is That It?

    Yup. It’s a fairly simple concept so I don’t feel the need to do lots of explaining. Bonus: Now you have time to start creating your first stress playlist. Just sayin’.