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  • Why Lavender Essential Oil is NOT Overrated

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    Confession: There was a time, when I’d roll my eyes every time someone recommended lavender essential oil for one problem or another. “Don’t you know any other oils?!?,” I’d scream in my head, “OMG, there are sooooo many more oils that could be useful for that. Simpleton.”  I may have been a tad hasty in my judgment. *Sad face of shame*

    Since those days of my early aromatherapy education, when I knew just enough be dangerous and judgmental, I’ve changed my tune. Now I embrace lavender essential oil for all of its wonderful, myriad properties. Keeping the individual nature of people and essential oils in mind, it’s a great oil to keep on hand because it will still be useful for most people even if it isn’t the best possible oil choice for that person.

    Properties of Lavender Essential Oil

    • affordable (it’s actually often underpriced and used as a loss leader by many companies)
    • reduces anxiety
    • reduces fatigue
    • relieves stress
    • balances hormones
    • boosts immune response
    • lowers blood pressure
    • relieves pain
    • helps heal minor burns

    Home Remedies

    Mix 5-10 drops lavender with 1 ounce jojoba or unscented lotion to:

    • take sting out of insect bites
    • take heat out of minor burns
    • relieve earaches – rub a drop of diluted EO behind the ear
    • relieve headaches – rub diluted EO to temples, forehead, and base of neck


    • add a few drops of EO to a bowl of warm water and breathe to calm and uplift the mind
    • Add a few drops of EO to a diffuser to help ward off colds and other infectious diseases
    • 3 drops in a warm footbath to help relieve stress
    • 6-8 drops in a warm bath (Mix with epsom salt of full fat milk first) before bed to relax
    • add 1-2 drops of undiluted EO to the underside corner of your pillow to help you sleep

    When an oil can do all that, and more, it certainly isn’t overrated.

    What else have you used lavender essential oil for? Let me know in the comments below. (And don’t forget to share)

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  1. Thanks for helpful article. I’m just new to essential,oils..have a supply, but only use a few, Lacender being main one, so far. I find using it undiluted in temples, caused dry skin. Also behind ears worse, as that is the thinnest part of skin…same as eyelids in thickness.
    Now I put it in the soles of my feet, then put in socks, at nedtime, and use it in diffuser…that all works towards a good night’s sleep.

    Would it be possible to make your articles easy to enlarge on iPad with finger and thumb technique? Print is so tiny I can scarcely read it. Thanks.