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  • Why I Have a Buddha Head in My Massage Room

    Some people have wondered whether any of the decor in my room has significance or if it’s just there because I like it. Well… To be honest, some of the decor is there just because I like it. Other things are there because they’re relaxing, somehow relate to my business name, or act as reminders of things I feel I/we should remember.

    Over the next couple months I’m going to write about a few of the decor items that get the most questions.

    What’s With the Head?

    If you’re a client you’ve probably seen the Buddha head. If you haven’t been in my office, that’s the head in the above picture. Every once in a while I get a compliment on it, which is great, but definitely not the reason I put it up. Occasionally I get a question asking who that is – probably because it’s not the fat, laughing Buddha that many are familiar with.

    Am I a Buddhist?*

    Many people assume that if I have a bust of Buddha that I must be Buddhist, but that’s not necessarily true. The Dalai Lama has said that Buddhism and religion are not mutually exclusive. Of course some people practice Buddhism as a religion, some view it as simply a philosophy for living a happier, more compassionate, and peaceful life, and some practice a religion while also striving to live by the Buddhist philosophy. The tenets of most religions and the tenets of Buddhism bear many similarities so it’s not much of a stretch to incorporate both into your life.

    *Like how I artfully dodged the question?

    But What’s its Significance?

    No matter whether it’s viewed as a philosophy or a religion, there’s no denying that compassion is one of the core behaviors called for in Buddhism to end suffering. It asks that we have compassion for all living beings, including ourselves.

    The Buddha head is a visual reminder to me to have compassion for everyone who comes through my door seeking treatment, everyone in my suite who forgets to use their inside voice, and everyone who gets loud at the escape room next door. It also reminds me to have compassion for myself when I “sometimes” fail to have compassion for those people who are getting on my nerves while I’m trying to give a massage.

    There’s also something incredibly peaceful about the face of the Buddha in meditation. It’s a constant reminder to stay present in each moment no matter what’s happening. See also: outside voices, escapees.

    Tl;dr** Version

    The reason I have a bust of the Buddha in my massage room is twofold: 1) to remind me to be compassionate towards others as well as myself at all times, 2) It looks so peaceful that I feel more peaceful and relaxed whenever I look at it.

    **Really? It’s not even 500 words… Including this remark.