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  • When to Fire Your Massage Therapist

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    Hopefully you’ve had nothing but good experiences with the massage therapists you’ve seen. If you’re like most people, however, you’ve likely had at least one less than favorable interaction. But at what point do you put your foot down and fire them. And what’s involved in firing them anyway?

    Fire Your Therapist If…

    1. They EVER try to get sexual with you
    2. They ever negate your feed back that what they’re doing is painful.
    3. They deny your pain experience, i.e. they don’t believe that you actually have pain or they don’t believe the intensity of your pain. They don’t live inside your body and have no idea what you deal with on a daily basis.
    4. They don’t honor your requests for comfort such as adjusting their pressure or the temperature.
    5. They offer advice that’s out of their scope of practice. Massage therapists are not able to tell you what to eat (or not eat), what supplements to take (they should, however, know about the ones you currently take), tell you to change or stop taking a medication, etc.
    6. They perform services that are our of the scope of their practice, such as chiropractic adjustments, skin analysis/treatments, etc.
    7. Their treatment space is dirty and unhygienic.
    8. They are habitually late or run over on time so long that they make you late for the next place you have to be. I’m not saying ditch ’em if it happens once; we’re all human and run late or over  time on occasion… I’m talking about therapists for whom this happens more often than not.
    9. They text or take phone calls during your session.

    How to Fire Your Therapist

    The easiest way to fire your therapist is to simply never make another appointment, but that’s not the best way.

    • Sometimes you need to fire them during a session. For instance:
      • If a therapist gets sexual with you you should immediately tell them to stop, then end the session and leave. Make it clear why you’ve ended the session and also make it clear that you won’t be back. You should also report them to their state massage therapy licensing board and the police.
      • If they are causing you pain during your session and refuse to make adjustments to assure your comfort when you ask them to, you should end the session and be clear about why you’re ending it early.
    • Most of the time it’ll be a matter of not booking with them again. But here’s my request… even if it’s difficult for you, please tell the therapist why you won’t be booking any more. As hard as it may be to believe, your therapist may not have any idea that what they’re doing is causing them to lose clients unless someone tells them. And worse yet, someone else will have to endure their behavior if you don’t tell them.

    So that’s it. Hopefully you’ll never have to fire a therapist, but if you do now you’ll be prepared.

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