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  • When Is it Too Cold to Get a Massage?

    Snowy weatherIf you’re reading this it means you survived the polar vortex of 2014! Congratulations! Talk about a deep freeze! I’ve never had a desire to visit the North Pole, even as a kid; Santa could come to me, thank-you-very-much. Now, even if I’d had the desire, it would no longer be necessary since the North Pole came to us. Bbbbrrrrr… (and I mean that most sincerely!)

    Were schools closed in your town? What about local businesses? Your job? Did you have to brave the snow, cold, and in many cases barely plowed streets to go to work? Or did you cancel all your plans and stay holed up in your  house until it passed?

    Me? I went to work. I really don’t like winter, but it doesn’t intimidate me so I chose to go into the office each day. Some of my clients came in for their appointments and some cancelled and I’m cool with what ever they chose. I may not understand the anxiety that some people have regarding winter driving, but I honor it.

    What would you do? If you find yourself with a massage appointment scheduled when a winter storm hits, here are a few things to consider when making the decision whether to keep, cancel, or reschedule it:

    1. If winter driving makes you tense &/or anxious, stay home and reschedule the massage. While massage may be a great way to get rid of the tension of driving to your appointment, don’t forget you have to drive home afterward. A tense, anxious drive home will likely undo the positive, relaxing effects of the massage.
    2. If you really need the massage for pain relief but #1 applies to you, consider public transportation like a bus – if your house and the massage office are both on a bus route – or a cab. If neither of these options is running because of the weather, reschedule the appointment.
    3. If you don’t mind winter driving but are pressed for time and roads are snow-covered and/or slick, please reschedule the appointment. Being late, especially the kind of late that can result when driving on snowy roads, is not cool and driving too fast for conditions is a recipe for disaster.
    4. If the winter road conditions don’t intimidate you, and you’ll be able to drive in a manner and at a speed appropriate for road conditions, come on in. Your massage therapist will be happy to see you, and will most likely greet you with a wonderfully warm office or heated massage table. In my office, the table warmer AND the electric blanket will be on just waiting to envelop you with warmth.

    When winter weather strikes, you need to make the best decision for you. If you decide to reschedule your appointment, please be courteous and respectful and give your therapist as much notice as  possible. Likewise, if your therapist closes their office due to inclement weather and calls you to reschedule, please respect their decision. It was likely a difficult decision for them since they won’t get paid for the snow day.

    By the way, did you hear temps are supposed to be around freezing this weekend? So enjoy the balmy weather: go out and get a massage.