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  • Twisted Thanksgiving Gratitude

    thanksgiving gratitude

    Have you ever wished for a stress-free life? Yeah, me too! But then I remember that everything is relative and my appreciation for stress is renewed. After all, without stress, I would have no way to appreciate how great I feel in those moments when things are going smoothly. Without stress, every day would be idyllic, and eventually idyllic would get boring.

    Yeah I know, I’d like a chance to prove it to myself too 😉

    Anyway, as Thanksgiving approaches I want you to be grateful for your stressors so you can  be even more grateful for the non-stressors in your life. Today, I’ve got 10 everyday sources of stress that you can be grateful for, and I’m going to tell you why you should be grateful for them. So even when you feel like you have nothing else to be grateful for, remember… you’ll always have these.

    1. Dirty dishes – Sure, the time spent washing dishes, or loading and unloading the dishwasher, is not the highlight of your day; but it means you’ve got food to eat, which is more than a lot of people have.
    2. Dirty laundry – It may be the never-ending chore, but at least you’ve got clothes to wear and the means to wash them
    3. Yard work – Yes, it’s a pain in the backside to do yard work when you’d rather be golfing, but you doing yard work means you own your own home. Plus you have your own outdoor space to enjoy however and with whomever you want.
    4. Having bills that need to be paid – Can you say, “I have running water, electricity, and central heating?” Sure beats the alternative, if you ask me.
    5. Paying bills – Hey, at least you’ve got money to pay those bills… even if you don’t have as much left over as you’d like.
    6. Buying groceries – Even if the bagger bruises all your produce by throwing it into the bag, you’ve got food on the table, baby. Bon Appetit!
    7. Meal planning – Deciding what you want to eat is much better than deciding if you can afford to eat.
    8. House cleaning – No sane person enjoys cleaning house, but we all enjoy living in a house that’s clean. If you have enough money to pay someone to do this for you, you’re waaaay ahead of the curve.
    9. Having to work – Many  people say “I don’t mind working, I just mind having to work.” I get that, but having to work beats the crap out of wanting to work and not being able to.
    10. Balancing your checkbook/bank balance – However you keep track of your cash flow, I’m sure there are thousands of things you’d rather be doing instead. Just remember, however, that this means you actually have a cash flow to keep track of. I shudder at the alternative.

    Are you thinking about some of your daily stressors in a slightly different way now? Let me know in the comments.

    Do you have a stressor that you’re grateful for? If so, please leave that in the comments also.

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  1. Great list! Thank you for the reminders! I have actually stopped myself mid-complaint with some of these, having known lack in many of these areas at other times in my life. I think we all too often forget the dismal alternatives to our routine “chores”!

    Do you think complaining and whining can become a habit with some people (ahem), maybe a way of holding themselves to a former reality and not realizing how far ahead they’ve actually traveled? That’s a habit none of us want! Thanks for a perfect “thanks-giving” post!

  2. You’re welcome! I definitely think that complaining is a habit with many people. It also seems as if it’s a more socially acceptable way of making small talk than being cheerful is. As my dad would say “that’s bass-ackward, if you ask me.”