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  • The Massage Client’s guide to Sleeping, Drooling, and Snoring

    There are 3 things that massage clients (especially newbies) seem to fear doing during a massage session: sleeping, drooling, and snoring. Today I’m going to look at each of these in turn and tell you when each one is and is not a problem.

    Falling Asleep During A Massage

    woman sleepingAt least once a week one client or other will warn me that they’re exhausted and that they might fall asleep. My response is always the same: “We massage therapists view sleeping as the highest compliment you can give us. Please don’t burst our bubble by telling us you’re exhausted.” I mean it. Our business cards and websites may say that the highest compliment you can give us is the referral of family and friends, but we’re lying. The biggest compliment you can give us is to fall asleep during the massage.

    The only time sleeping is a problem is if you fall back asleep after the massage and we have to knock to make sure you’re ok. Even then, it’s not a big deal. The more times we have to go back to the treatment room and re-wake you after the massage has ended, the less ok it is. If we have to resort to desperate measures like turning the lights all the way up, cranking up the music, or threatening to tip you off the table, it’s definitely not ok.

    Snoring During A Massage

    Snoring manTruth be told, we feel a little bit proud when we hear you snore. We may even want to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. If you snore, that means you didn’t just fall asleep, it means you really fell asleep. The deeper and more rhythmic the snoring, the better as far as I’m concerned.

    I can only think of two times that snoring is a bad thing:

    1. You snore so loudly you wake yourself up. Since this usually rips you from your sleep with a start, it pretty much undoes some, if not most, of the relaxation that put you to sleep in the first place.
    2. You snore so loudly that you drown out the music. Part of the way we keep time, without constantly looking at the clock, is by the music. If we can’t hear it we have to check the clock a lot more often, which means we’re not focusing on you as much as we’d like to. So far, I’ve not witnessed this one firsthand.

    Drooling During A Massage

    drooling manDrooling is probably the most embarrassing of the three because it leaves evidence. Don’t worry, you won’t be the first, nor will you be the last, client to drool while getting a massage. It really isn’t a big deal… Most of the time, you’ll simply drool on yourself. There will be no lasting evidence unless you wipe if off onto the sheet.

    If you drool onto the sheet or face cradle cover, there may be evidence, but it’s still not a big deal. Again you won’t be the first, or the last, to do this. Even so, the amount of drool is usually less than you think. It may feel as if you drooled enough to fill a coffee mug, but there will likely only be a tiny drool spot on the sheet or face cradle cover.

    Now… if your drool is bloody, that’s a problem, and a biohazard. If you drool so much that you soak though the sheet and get the electric table warmer wet, that’s also a problem. Not only will the next person not be able to enjoy a warmed table, it’s a safety hazard. *Bzzzttt* Plus, if you drool that much, you might wanna get checked out by a doctor. Since I’ve never encountered or even heard of these last two scenarios happening, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    I hope that sets your mind at ease. The best thing you can do during a massage is relax as much as you can. If that means that you fall asleep, snore, or (heaven forbid) drool, so be it. It really is no big deal.

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