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  • The Massage Client’s Guide to (Not) Shaving

    one leg shaved the other hairy

    Clients often apologize for not having shaved this or waxed that, but it’s really no big deal.

    Hairy Legs

    Ladies, this is for you. Shaving our legs is a cultural thing. Here in the U.S. it’s considered normal, and even expected, for a woman to shave her legs. But not all cultures take that view. Some cultures view women who shave their legs as prostitutes.

    Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t shave your legs. I firmly believe it should be your choice if you want to shave your legs or not. You shouldn’t be shamed by society, or even yourself, if you don’t shave them everyday, or even if you don’t shave them at all.

    It’s no big deal to work on hairy legs. Really. Most guys don’t shave their legs and we don’t have any problem working on their legs. We won’t have any problem working on yours. But… there’s stubble, you say. So? We massage a lot of 5 o’clock shadow and, believe me, that’s way more coarse and prickly than your legs.

    Let me guarantee you that most women do NOT shave their legs every day. My evidence: 15+  years of working on hairy or stubbly legs and hearing, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t shave my legs today,” several times a week.

    Hairy Backs

    Your turn guys – Newsflash: Having hair on your back is normal. It’s also normal to not have hair on your back. Sure, some people hate hairy backs, but you only need to worry about that if you’re pursing them as a romantic partner (which probably isn’t a great idea, imho), not if you’re looking to get a massage.

    Massage therapists work on hairy backs all the time. We also work on naturally hairless backs, backs that have been waxed smooth, and backs that have obviously been waxed but are starting to grow back. It doesn’t really matter to us which it is. The only thing it impacts is which, and how much, lubricant we use on the hairy part.

    Hairy Armpits

    This last one is for the ladies. We don’t care if they’re shaved or not. Seriously. As long as your pits don’t reek so badly we gag, we don’t care what you do or don’t do with them. Judging by the feedback I get from clients, there are many therapists out there who don’t even work in this area anyway. For those of us who do, the presence of hair doesn’t matter. We work in men’s pits, too, and they don’t shave. It’s no big deal.

    So what I’m really saying is this: We don’t care if your don’t shave.