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  • The Best Ways To Help Relieve Your Chronic Pain At Home

    help yourself at homeChronic pain can be frustratingly persistent. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn it down a notch or two (or maybe even off) for a while? Well, today I’ve got some handy tips to do just that, along with a short explanation of why they work. Today’s tips are compiled from some of my chronic pain clients who’ve told me what they do to help relieve their pain at home.

    • Heating pad/ electric blanket – Heat helps relax tight or spasming muscles. Try turning your electric blanket on 20 minutes before you go to bed to make the sheets toasty warm. This will keep your muscles relaxed as you climb into bed and fall asleep.
    • Sauna/ hot tub – Full body treatments allow and encourage full body relaxation. In addition to the heat relaxing tight or spasming muscles, moist heat can actually turn off some of the pain receptors in your muscles for a longer time than dry heat can.
    • Hot bath with epsom salts – All the benefits of heat and moist heat, plus epsom salts contain magnesium which is a vital mineral for proper, pain-free muscle function.
    • Ice – Cold reduces any inflammation you may have, which reduces the pain associated with it. Cold is also a natural analgesic (pain killer).
    • Reiki – reiki is very relaxing, and you only need the first class to be able to self-treat. The average cost of reiki 1 in W. Michigan is $100, whereas the average price to receive a one hour reiki session is $60. After only 2 hours of self-treatment, the class will have paid for itself 🙂
    • Hobby – At least one part of the brain controls both thinking and pain. By pursuing an enjoyable hobby that requires your full – or mostly full – attention, that brain area is less able to process pain. The trick is to work on your hobby before the pain gets too intense for you to focus.
    • Laugh – Feel-good hormones flood your body when you laugh, which can offset some of the pain.

    I would love to hear how these work for you so leave me a comment to let me know. I’d also love to hear if  you have a successful home treatment that I didn’t mention.

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