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  • The Best Music to Help You Relax or Meditate

    I swear the Universe keeps track of what topics I have scheduled for my blog and then uses them to determine which life lessons it’s going to test me on occasionally. Don’t misunderstand, that’s not a grumble or complaint… I’m actually rather grateful for it, to be honest. It can make sitting down to write that much easier when I have a fresh tale to tell.

    Here’s this week’s tale:

    So, You Want to Quiet Your Mind

    Steven Halpern

    I’ve been crazy busy this past week planning a last minute trip and getting some much needed car repairs completed. (By the time this posts, I’ll actually be on said vacation.) I also haven’t been sleeping well for various reasons, some beyond my control: LOUD people outside in the middle of the night, dead of night cat fights outside my window, a bat flying around my bedroom in the wee hours, and a good old fashioned thunder boomer.

    This lack of sleep caused me to get up later than I prefer most mornings which threw off my morning routine. Go figure. Anyway, on the day in question I hadn’t had time to meditate before going into the office like I normally do. I also forgot to take my lunch with me, and had an appointment for my car immediately after my last client. Oh yeah, and my gas tank was on empty which meant I needed to fill it before taking my car in. Did I mention that there are no gas stations en-route to the auto shop from my office?

    With the exception of not meditating and not having lunch, my day went really well. Then I left the office. The traffic was positively insane near the gas station, which made getting in and out nearly impossible unless you were turning right. This meant having to turn around before entering and after exiting. I was starting to get a bit hangry.

    Throw in a few idiot drivers along the way and by the time I got to the auto shop I was beyond hangry. Thankfully there’s a well-known coffee shop inside a well-known bookstore a mere 5 minute walk from the auto shop. Once I dropped my car off I headed straight toward the caffeine and food. Once I got there, however, nothing looked good; especially not any of the healthy food selections. The only thing that sounded remotely appetizing was the gooey chocolate caramel tart so that’s what I reluctantly ordered. Well, that and chai; I’ve never been so hangry that chai didn’t sound good.

    The good news is: most of my hanger subsided. The bad news is: I was still feeling out of sorts, frustrated, & run off my feet, and I still needed to pick up (& pay for) my car and meditate.

    I was feeling like it would be a pointless meditation because my brain was not in a cooperative mood, but I reminded myself that that was exactly why I DID need to meditate when I got home. Meditation is a practice, not an end result. Even if I didn’t get to that satisfying state of über calm, and I probably wouldn’t, I would still be practicing the art of stilling my mind.

    I figured it was the perfect day to give myself a little help during my meditation so I put on my Deep Alpha CD by Steven Halpern. I normally use it at night if I’ve been super active to help calm me down to a more relaxed state or when I’m totally distracted and need to focus on just one task. I’d even used it during meditation, but never when I’ve been this out of sorts. It did not disappoint. By the end of my 20 minute meditation, I was feeling calm and peaceful which is a lot better than I had expected.

    I’ll admit that when I first bought the CD I was a bit dubious about the claim that: “Listening to even one song can shift your state any time you want. Listening to the entire album, especially with headphones, delivers even greater benefits.” But I liked the music so I figured that even if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be a total waste of money.

    Turns out there is something to the 8 Hz oscillating system that he uses underneath the music. I know this because I’ve heard all of the music on this disc before, on other CDs, and it doesn’t have the same effect without the “brainwave entrainment.”

    If you have trouble relaxing at night, or want a little help with your meditation practice sometime, I highly recommend getting this CD/MP3 download. It’s available on this page of Steven Halpern’s website along with a more detailed description of what brainwave entrainment is and how it works.

    If you have, or get, this album let me know what you think about it in the comments below. And don’t forget to share using the handy buttons right below this post.

    *Disclaimer: I received no money or any other type of compensation for writing this. I’m simply singing the praises of a CD that I’ve used for years and absolutely love.