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  • The Best Essential Oils to Use When You’re Grieving

    Essential Oil Therapy

    I don’t know about you, but there’s been a lot of death around me lately. Thankfully, none of the deceased have been close friends or family of mine. Instead, it’s my friends and loved ones who are losing their friends and loved ones. Obviously, it’s impossible to spare them the deep grief that they’re going through, nor should I. But the right essential oils can help them function when they need to, reduce anxiety and depression, as well as help facilitate their ultimate acceptance of the loss. In short, it can help them to move through the process with a bit more ease than they would otherwise.

    Since loss and grief are part of everyone’s life at one point or another, I want to share the essential oils that can help ease your pain in times of devastating loss.

    • Neroli is a very soothing oil and wonderful to use in times of grief. It is especially helpful to aid you in moving through the emotional stress, anxiety, and depression of deep loss.
    • Spikenard is both calming and grounding, a valuable oil to have in your grief toolbox. Spikenard will not only help ease deep-seated grief and sadness, it is also a powerful sleep aid. It is especially useful in those instances when your grief brings old, unresolved emotional pain to the surface.
    • Rose is soothing and especially helpful for depression associated with grief and loss.
    • Lavender is another soothing oil. It works particularly well on the depression and anxiety that accompany grief.
    • Bergamot is  an uplifting oil. When it’s not enough to just soothe the stress, depression, or anger of loss, bergamot can help you remember that yes, you will eventually feel happiness and joy again.
    • Frankincense is neither soothing nor uplifting but is extremely beneficial if you’re dealing with grief-related depression. It also helps foster/strengthen your link to the Divine, which is often weakened when we lose a loved one.
    • Melissa is both uplifting and calming.  It can bring acceptance, clarity, and understanding when you’re experiencing shock, grief, anger, and/or fear.
    • Jasmine* is a superbly soothing oil for every aspect of emotional well-being. 
    • Rosemary is uplifting as well as energizing. It can help you move through the feelings of anger that are often associated with depression. It’s also a stimulating oil, which means it can help you stay awake and present if you’ve been having a difficult time staying awake. Caution: Except in rare cases, don’t use rosemary within about 6 hrs of bedtime. Trust me on this one.

    *Jasmine is technically an absolute and not an essential oil, because the delicate jasmine flowers don’t hold up to the rigors of steam distillation. That said, the end product works just like an essential oil. Since there is no such thing as jasmine essential oil, make sure the label says absolute as opposed to essential oil to make sure you’re getting a pure, unadulterated product and also to make sure you’re buying from a company that labels its products correctly.

    To use: simply diffuse the oil(s) of your choice throughout the room, place it on a piece of cloth that you keep in a small closed container (the scent lasts longer on cloth than it does on a paper tissue), or place some on or in a piece of aromatherapy jewelry, so you can avail yourself of the scent and its benefits whenever you need.