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  • The 7 Superhero Essential Oils You Need For Extreme Stress


    Stress-fighting superheroes

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some heavy duty stress going on right now. To make matters worse, it’s all coming from one ginormous issue so I can’t slowly work on whittling down my stressors. This is an all or nothing affair.

    Yep, extreme stress hits those of us who dispense all the stress-relief and stress-reduction tips just like it does everyone else. Knowing all that stuff doesn’t keep me stress-free, but it does help me manage it a whole lot better than I otherwise would.

    So what do I do when life points the big guns at me? First, I usually either go into shock or denial. Then, I’ll have a good cry or scream my head off, whichever the situation calls for (sometimes both). Hey, I’m as human as the next person; besides, it only causes more stress to try to repress or deny your emotions. After that, it completely depends on the stressor but will involve some level of problem solving, reframing the situation &/or my response to it, and trying to function as normally as possible.

    I can’t help you with the first two as they require individualized solutions depending on the stressor. I can, however, help you get through the day as normally as possible with the help of some essential oils that have obtained nothing short of superhero status with me of late.

    • Neroli – The exotic scent of Neroli is the perfect balm for big stressors of all sorts as it uplifts the spirit. It works especially well on the anxiety that seems to come along with loads of stress and the depression associated with emotional or nervous exhaustion.
    • Frankincense – There’s nothing like Frankincense to help maintain or recharge the connection to your higher-self and all of it’s wisdom and intuition. And those two things come in really handy when you need to see the bigger picture and perhaps reframe either your situation &/or your response to your situation.
    • Vetiver – If stress completely ungrounds you and leaves you feeling as if you have no stable footing, earthy Vetiver is the oil you want to use. Vetiver is also incredibly useful when your stressor involves emotional trauma.
    • Roman Chamomile – A floral oil, Roman Chamomile is well-known for its stress reducing properties. It’s also amazing at helping you get to sleep if your stress is causing you insomnia. Chamomile can help soothe anger and irritability, so you can deal with your stress in a more productive way than smashing things and sniping at people.
    • Lavender – Good old lavender to the rescue again! When it comes to stress and its effects, there’s very little that lavender won’t help with. Plus, it is so well-known that it has the added benefit of being the aromatherapy equivalent of comfort food.
    • Bergamot – The citrus scent of Bergamot is very uplifting, as are all the citrus oils. It can lower stress-induced anxiety and alleviate mild depression. Best of all, a research team in Italy has shown that bergamot is especially helpful at negating or reducing the effects of prolonged or repeated exposure to the same stressor.
    • Sweet Orange – Another uplifting citrus oil, sweet orange is one of the most popular essential oils for good reason. It is a good all-around stress reliever, including the anxiety and depression that often accompany high stress.

    There are many, many more essential oils that have GREAT results in alleviating the most distressing stress symptoms but I felt that these 7 are a good mix of common, readily available oils and exotic, harder-to-find oils. Plus they are my current superheroes!

    Let me know what your current superhero, stress-busting essential oils are. Just leave me a comment below.