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  • The 5 Best Essential Oils For Neck Pain

    Neck pain hits everyone at one time or another. Whether you slept wrong, turned too Aromatherapy oilsquickly, have bad posture/ergonomics, or just have a lot of stress, neck pain often affects your range of motion. If you lose too much range of motion, it can be dangerous; think driving your car when your can’t turn your head to check your blind spot.

    Luckily there are several essential oils out there that can reduce the spasm and pain in your neck muscles. I’ve chosen 5 oils to highlight based on the following criteria: effectiveness, availability, and price. They are (in no particular order):

    1. Peppermint – will reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and decrease pain. It’s especially great if your neck pain is turning into a headache.
    2. Marjoram – will reduce muscle spasm, increase circulation (dilate blood vessels), and promote relaxation. Note: marjoram can reduce your sex drive (but so can pain), so now you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to use this oil or not.
    3. Basil – will greatly reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, will decrease pain, and is uplifting.
    4. Cypress – will decrease edema, increase lymphatic flow, and reduce muscle spasm.
    5. Lavender – will reduce muscle spasm, reduce inflammation, and is an excellent stress reliever.

    As you can see, they all will reduce muscle spasm; but they each have a different combination of actions, and their ability to reduce muscle spasm varies with basil being one of the strongest on the list.

    Each of these oils mixes well with the others so you can pair them up as you like. Here are just a few suggestions:

    Peppermint/lavender is a good combo if you’re really stressed and your neck muscles are in a constant state of tension.

    Basil/lavender work well together if the muscles actually spasm when you move and you have a lot of heat, redness, &/or a “squishy” feeling from severe inflammation.

    Peppermint/cypress together will benefit you if you have a lot of constant neck tension/pain, have lots of headaches associated with the neck pain, or have been ill lately.

    Lavender/marjoram work well together if most of your muscle tension or pain is due to stress.

    Feel free to mix these 5 oils together in whatever combinations you’d like; I actually have a pre-mixed blend that contains all five oils and it’s fantastic. Just remember to mix the essential oils with an unscented carrier lotion or oil before applying them to the tight & painful muscles, especially if you have sensitive skin. In many cases, less is more when it comes to these oils; a couple drops should suffice for any application.

    I’d love to hear how these oils work for you. Please leave a comment to let me know, and don’t be shy about sharing this post with anyone you think might benefit from it.