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  • Summer: A Massage Therapist’s Lament


    Because I am in no way, shape, or form a poet, I wrote a poem about what it’s like to be a massage therapist in the summer time. What can I say? Sometimes these things just pop into my head and I don’t have the self-restraint to not share them.

    rocks on beach

    Summer: A Massage Therapist’s Lament

    Dear client I would
    Like to teach
    Massage is better
    Than the beach
    Keep those muscles nice
    And supple
    So volleyball won’t
    Give you trouble

    Work out the knots and
    movement gain
    So you won’t feel so
    Darn much pain
    You will enjoy the
    Summer more
    If your muscles aren’t
    So doggone sore

    Dear therapist you
    Ought to know
    A lot of clients
    Will no-show
    They will not call or
    Even text
    They’ll leave you waiting
    For the next

    You can’t get through to
    Their cell phone
    They’re not at work, they’re
    Not at home
    You may as well do
    Something else
    For the next hour
    by yourself

    Read a magazine
    Or book
    There’s even time to
    Have a look
    At Twitter, Facebook,
    Your marketing will
    Be the best

    So many clients
    Do not book
    I think I need
    Another hook
    What will it take to
    Get them in
    Air conditioning
    Or gin?

    I bribe with discounts,
    Cool A/C
    It doesn’t work at
    all you see
    I need a way to
    Make them pay
    So I can have a
    Small vacay

    A driftwood candle
    burning bright
    Some seaside sounds that
    Might delight
    If I can’t go work
    On the beach
    I may just bring it
    here to me

    Maybe there’s
    Another way
    To combine some work
    With my play
    And make some money
    Every day

    A beach house, maybe
    I’m not sure
    A seaside spa might
    Be the cure
    Whatever I might
    Have to do
    I just hope it won’t
    Require shoes