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    This week my mind is on fun as I get ready to go to a Hozier concert that I’ve had tickets to for months. I’m excited beyond belief to finally be able to hear that amazing voice in person! My excitement has me playing and dancing to music, 2 of my favorite stress relief strategies, more than I usually do. As a result, stress isn’t having as big an impact as usual.

    To that end, I thought I’d have a little fun with this week’s blog post and create a quick relaxation guide that can help put a little more fun and a lot less stress into your life. It’s a pretty diverse list so you should be able to find several things to try.

    Your Relaxation Guide

    A – do some deep Abdominal breathing

    B – go to the Beach

    C – get out your Coloring book and color your heart out

    D – spend some time Dancing for the fun of it

    E – diffuse your favorite relaxation-inducing Essential oils

    F – clear some Free time in your calendar for self-care

    G – let your favorite Guided meditation take you away

    H – if you have a Hobby, spend some quality time pursuing it

    I – let your Imagination wander, i.e. daydream to your heart’s content

    J – put a Jigsaw puzzle together and enjoy watching the picture develop

    K – spend some time Kissing on your partner, kid, or pet

    L -have a good Laugh

    M – listen to your favorite Music

    N – get your Nails done – if you don’t want polish ask them to buff your nails instead so they’ll look extra healthy

    O – spend some time Outdoors and get your battery recharged naturally

    PPlay. Seriously. Go play like a kid

    Q – get some Quiet time to recharge

    RRead an engrossing novel

    S – there’s no better stress relief than Sex. Don’t gape. You know it’s true

    TTreat yourself

    UUnitask. Do just one thing at a time and do it with your full attention (i.e. mindfulness)

    V – take or plan a Vacation

    W – take a Walk

    XXplore a trail, park, or neighborhood that you’ve been curious about

    Y – cook a Yummy, healthy meal from scratch

    Z – catch some Zzzzz’s  and take a nap

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