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  • Staying Grounded in the Midst of the Holidays

    Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can’t go out without getting caught up in its wake… the traffic, the parking (NOT), the crowded stores. It’s enough to drive you crazy. If you’re going to make it to the new year with any sanity left, you need to find some ways to get (and stay) grounded during this crazy time of year.

    5 things you can do to stay grounded

    1. Meditate on one of these:
      • How much love you feel for your family, friends, pet, or fellow beings. Only focus on the love in your heart, don’t worry about reciprocity. People are complex and that could drive you crazy. Maybe it IS driving you crazy. Maybe that’s why you chose this item from the meditation list.
      • How wonderfully quiet it is in the early morning or late night, especially when the world around you is covered in a thick blanket of snow.
      • The joy you feel when someone else is joyful.
      • The beauty of: new fallen snow, christmas lights, winter moonlight
      • The smell of: fresh baked cookies, holiday dinners, hot chocolate
    2. Shop local when possible. This is a great idea for anytime of year, but it’s especially important for your sanity in December. Why? Because local shops are less crowded which means you get in and out quicker. Local shops also tend to be closer to home, so you have less traffic to deal with.
    3. Shop during less busy times: middle of the day M-F, dinner time, Friday and Saturday night.
    4. Stay home in bad weather. Get out the blankets and hot cocoa then turn on Netflix. Grounding is all about going within. And there’s no better way to go within than to stay in.
    5. Make comfort food. Spend an afternoon making your favorite cookies, casseroles, and/or stews. Nothing grounds you like the smell of your favorite baked goods or comfort foods.