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Neck & Shoulder Pain

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It’s time your neck and shoulders stopped hurting. The right combination of massage, bodywork, reiki, and aromatherapy can get you on the road to less pain and a higher quality of life. Because let’s face it, you deserve nothing less.

Just Because Neck and Shoulder Pain is Common, Doesn’t Mean it’s Normal

Neck and shoulder pain are linked by several muscles that live in, or pass through, both areas. This means you can’t fully address one, without addressing the other.

Here are a few other facts about neck and shoulder pain that you might find interesting:

  • The pain and dysfunction are caused by stress more often than your posture
  • The area that hurts all the time may not be the area causing your pain
  • The muscles causing your pain may be on the opposite side of your body than the pain itself
  • It often takes a variety of techniques to fully address all the muscles involved
  • There are muscles in places you would never imagine that contribute to your pain (like the ones in your armpit)
  • Nervy sensations like pins and needles, intense burning, and numbness should be dealt with sooner rather than later because they can become intractable
  • Deep tissue isn’t appropriate in parts of the neck and shoulder area due to the nerves and blood vessels that are present near the surface.
  • Those sensitive areas can still be worked by a skilled and experienced therapist

You don’t have to live with neck and shoulder pain. The right combination of massage, bodywork, and aromatherapy can reduce your pain and increase your range of motion. 

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