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specialty bodywork: headaches, neck & shoulder pain, chronic pain

Why Specialties?

There’s an old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” While it’s often used in a disparaging way, it shouldn’t be. Sometimes you need a good, all purpose, relaxing yet therapeutic massage. However, sometimes you need specific work for specific issues. That’s where specialties come in.

Massage and bodywork specialties require a lot of extra study and practice to:

  • Learn uncommon causes of an issue
  • Learn the anatomy of a specific region in greater detail
  • Learn all the other areas of the body that can affect the region
  • Hone assessment skills
  • Hone palpation (ability to feel things in the body) skills
  • Learn and hone numerous techniques to address an issue (there is no single technique that works on everyone)
  • Learn how an issue or condition affects other conditions or other areas of the body (you are more than just your aching head)

Specialization is Great, But Your Goals Matter Too

Your pain and challenges are unique to you, and you deserve to be treated like the individual you are. The goals and preferences that you bring to a session are not fixed and will probably change from one day to the next as other factors in your life and body change.

  • Do you want me to spend the entire session focused on relieving the pain you have somewhere? You’ve got it!
  • Want a stress relieving, relaxing massage without any therapeutic attempts to get the knots out? Done!
  • Do you want a full body massage with focused attention to the tight spots? No problem!
  • Too warm, too cold, too much or not enough pressure? Just let me know!
  • Have different goals today than you did last time. Not an issue. Just tell me what’s changed.

Specialties at New Yew:

Click on the specialty page that pertains to your issue to learn more.

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Migraine Headaches

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Chronic Pain


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