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  • Speak Up For Less Stress (And Maybe a Few Perks)

    expand your comfort zone

    Does speaking up fill you with anxiety and dread? Does the thought of even mentioning a problem stress you out? If so, I’ve got a story for you..

    The Lightbulb Moment

    I was talking with someone recently about a trip she’d taken and she mentioned that when she checked into her hotel room, she noticed that a lightbulb was burned out. A lightbulb that she would need to use. A lot. She’s not the type who likes to “raise a fuss” about “little things” like not being able to see, so she decided to just switch out the bulb with one from another fixture that wouldn’t be needed as much.

    Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at things, she wasn’t able to remove the good bulb from the other fixture. After much deliberation and angst, she finally, reluctantly called the front desk to ask if they had any lightbulbs so she could replace a burned out one in her room. The front desk apologized profusely for the problem and said that housekeeping had already left for the day. In compensation, they offered to upgrade her to a jacuzzi suite for her trouble.

    Ask for a light bulb, get a jacuzzi suite at no extra charge. How cool is that? That’s my kind of compensation!! She says she wonders how many things she’s missed out on in her life to date because she didn’t want to “raise a fuss.” We’ll never know; things don’t always work out quite so well. What we do know is that you definitely won’t even have a chance to get the things you need (and maybe a free upgrade), if you don’t speak up.

    Expand Your Comfort Zone

    I know that speaking up is way outside of many people’s comfort zones. I’ve had my own difficulties speaking up over the years, but I’ve discovered that the more you do it, the easier it gets. Plus, the nicer you are about it, the better results you tend to get. I’ve also discovered that it’s a lot less stressful to speak up than it is to not have your needs met.

    There are still some situations where I have to psych myself up to ask for what I need or want, but I’ve learned what works for me, just as you will learn what works for you.

    The first time you speak up, you’ll be totally outside your comfort zone. Your voice might quaver, your palms may sweat, and you may be shaking all over (either figuratively or quite possibly literally), but with practice those symptoms will slowly go away. You’ll find that when you speak up and disaster doesn’t strike, your comfort level expands.

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