Targeted Sessions

collage of 3 photos - massage on head, hand, and foot

While you can always request work to just 1 or 2 areas with any massage and bodywork session, a targeted session is designed to be just that… targeted.

A targeted session is perfect if you…

  • Just want your pain relieved
  • Just want your movement restored
  • Just want to improve your ability to function
  • Don’t want your whole body massaged
  • Don’t want to feel oily afterward
  • Don’t want to get undressed
  • Don’t have lots of time (they’re the only 30 minute sessions I offer)

There are 3 types of targeted sessions

  • Head/Neck
    • Great if you have headaches
    • Great if you have migraines* (*can help reduce frequency and intensity)
    • Great if you have TMJD
    • Great if you have jaw pain
    • Great if you clench or grind your teeth
    • Great if you have reduced movement of your head or neck
    • Great if you have chronic neck tension or pain
    • Most work will be to the head and neck but some shoulder work may need to be done as well because many of your neck muscles attach somewhere in the shoulder area.
  • Hands/Wrists
    • Great if you use your hands all day
    • Great if you have carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Great if you have hand pain
    • Great if you have reduced hand or finger movement
    • Great if you have the inability to flex or straighten your fingers or thumbs
    • Have trouble gripping or holding items
    • Great if you have wrist pain
    • Great if you have reduced wrist movement
    • Most work will be to the hands and wrists, but some forearm and/or elbow work may need to be done as well because the muscles in the forearm actually control your wrist, hand, and fingers.
  • Feet/Ankles
    • Great if you stand or walk a lot
    • Great if you have plantar fasciitis
    • Great if you have foot or ankle pain
    • Great if you have hammertoes
    • Great if you have painful arches
    • Great if you have reduced ankle movement or function after an injury
    • Most work will be to the feet and ankles, but some work may need to be done to the lower leg and/or knee as well, because the muscles of your lower leg actually control your ankle and foot.

In  a targeted session…

  • You won’t leave feeling all oily because I won’t use oil.
  • If I need a little more gliding ability, I’ll use lotion.
  • You won’t have to get undressed for these but you will need to wear, or change into, clothing that allows access to the areas that may be worked.
  • The bodywork targets just the area that’s bothering you, as well as some of the surrounding tissue (everything’s connected, after all)

Required clothing 

  • Head/Neck – tank top or similar
  • Hands/Wrists – short sleeved shirt or loose sleeves that can be pushed or rolled up past the elbows
  • Feet/Ankles – shorts or loose pants that can be rolled or pushed up past the knee

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