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Whether you want less pain, more flexibility, or greater stress relief, New Yew can help. Together we’ll choose the combination of massage, reiki, and aromatherapy that’s right for your needs.

Massage And Bodywork

collage of three photos of massage and bodywork

Massage therapy and bodywork are broad terms used to describe many techniques that release tension in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Massage uses long, flowing strokes and kneads the muscles by pushing and pulling the tissue.

Bodywork techniques don’t feel very “massagey” but are often able to help areas and conditions that massage techniques can’t. Some bodywork techniques, such as Myofascial Release, can also reduce the impact of scars and improve conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and TMJD.

I can incorporate both massage and bodywork techniques into a session to maximize their effectiveness. 

Targeted Sessions

collage of 3 photos - massage on head, hand, and foot

While you can always request work to just 1 or 2 areas with any massage and bodywork session, a targeted session is designed to be just that… targeted.

Targeted sessions are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get undressed, hates feeling oily or greasy, has limited time (it’s the only 30 minute session I offer), or just wants one targeted area worked on.

There are 3 types of targeted session:

Head & Neck (wear or bring a tank top)

  • Reduce frequency and intensity of tension headaches
  • Reduce frequency and intensity of migraine headaches
  • Reduce muscular effects of clenching and grinding the teeth
  • Reduce jaw tension and soreness
  • Reduce effects of TMJD
  • Improve movement of head and neck
  • Reduce chronic neck tension and pain
  • Most work will be to the head and neck but some shoulder work may need to be done as well because many of your neck muscles attach somewhere in the shoulder area.

Hand and Wrist (wear or bring short sleeves)

  • Great if you use your hands all day
  • Reduce effects of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Reduce hand, wrist, and forearm pain
  • Increase movement of fingers, hand, and wrist
  • Increase ability to grip things
  • Most work will be to the hands and wrists, but some forearm and/or elbow work may need to be done as well because the muscles in the forearm actually control your wrist, hand, and fingers.

Foot and Ankle (wear or bring shorts)

  • Great if you stand or walk most of the day
  • Reduce pain from plantar fasciitis
  • Increase foot and ankle movement
  • Reduce foot and ankle pain from most causes
  • Decrease pain and improve function of hammertoes
  • Decrease arch pain
  • Most work will be to the feet and ankles, but some work may need to be done to the lower leg and/or knee as well, because the muscles of your lower leg actually control your ankle and foot.

Energy Work

collage of 3 pictures of people receiving reiki

Energy work is a broad term used to describe many styles and techniques of healing that don’t require physical manipulation of your body. It’s based on the principle that everything and everyone is made of energy. In days of old, it was called “laying on of hands.” Today it goes by many names including reiki, spiritual healing, and energy touch. There is very little difference between the various types of energy work, and many practitioners will mix and match the techniques they’re trained in to give you the session that best suited to your needs.

I am fully trained in several styles of energy work, most notably reiki, kundalini energy healing, and spiritual healing.

Benefits of Energy Work

  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Improve your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Increased feeling of well being
  • Greater mental, emotional, and spiritual balance and clarity
  • Integration of body, mind, and spirit

Important Information About Energy Work

  • You will be asked to fill out forms with contact and health history information. There will be a short intake interview prior starting the session
  • Energy work is not a substitute for regular medical care
  • Energy work can be a wonderful adjunct to regular medical care
  • You will remain fully dressed, except for your shoes, for the entire session
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to fall asleep during an energy work session
  • When the session is complete, The therapist will gently touch your arm or shoulder and let you know that the session is finished
  • You will most likely feel very relaxed and sleepy immediately after the session but that usually gives way to a feeling of increased energy and mental clarity shortly thereafter


collage of 2 pictures of essential oils and 1 of a candle diffuser

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of single essential oils and synergies (blends of 2 or more essential oils), by a trained aromatherapist. At New Yew, I use the oils in one of two ways: 

1) Via inhalation such as diffusion, cotton ball or tissue, or worn on/in a special type of pendant. The aroma of some essential oils can enhance mood and emotion, or balance other  aspects of the mind and/or spirit. 

2) Through skillful application to the body. Using essential oils on the body is a great way to enhance pain relief, and reduce the sensation of muscle tension. 

Benefits of Aromatherapy

  • Enhanced feelings of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, clarity, and/ balance 
  • Decreased feelings of stress and worry
  • Reduced sensations of muscle tension and pain
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased feeling of physical well-being

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