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  • Resources You Need if You Get Migraine Headaches

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    I’ve been bookmarking and compiling lists of migraine resources for a while now and figured it was time to share the best of the best with y’all.

    Directory of specialists


    • Living Well With Migraine Disease and Headaches by Teri Robert
    • The Migraine Brain by Carolyn Bernstein

    Headache Diary/Tracking Tools

    • Migraine Buddy – Free app available for iPhone and android – Let’s you track triggers, symptoms, medications, duration, intensity, location, as well as other lifestyle factors. Also has weather/pressure tracking with the capability to notify you of the next 24 forecast in your area. Creates summary reports useful for showing healthcare providers and for finding patterns.
    • iHeadache – Free app available for iPhone and desktop (they are not synced, so choose one or the other) – Keep track of symptoms, duration, severity, frequency, disability, medication usage, triggers.
    • iHeadache – Pro app ($4.99) – exactly the same as the free app minus advertisements
    • Hartford Healthcare Headache Center Diary – Printable
    • The Migraine Trust Migraine Diary – printable


    Online Communities and Support

    Other Useful Resources

    • More to Migraine – Has many useful resources for prevention, treatment, living with migraine, working with your healthcare professional, and community resources all in one place
    • MOTS (Medication Overuse Treatment Strategy) – learn about medication overuse and how it can impact your migraines
    • Know Your Dose – Learn the benefits and risks of acetaminophen as well as unexpected sources of it.
    • Healthline – articles and information on symptoms, triggers, causes, treatment, drugs, and types of migraines
    • Headache and Migraine News – The latest news from the world of migraine and other headache disorders
    • Drug Watch – Information about harmful drugs, devices, and treatments
    • Clinical Trials – a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world
    • Bon Triage – Answer a series of questions and get a report that will help make your doctor’s appointments more productive and useful
    • Accu Weather – Useful tool if your migraines seem to be weather related. Simply enter your location to get the migraine forecast for your area.

    This list is in no way exhaustive, it can’t be. It is, however, the best of what I found. That said, I don’t claim to have found and sifted through every resource out there so if there’s a resource you love or can’t live without, I’d love you to tell me about it in the comments.