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    Essential Oil TherapyEveryone has stress: me, you, the boss that makes your working day a complete nightmare, everybody. There are many things you can do to relieve and/or manage your stress, but none smell as good as diffusing essential oils in your home or office space. You can even get diffusers that work in your car’s lighter/charger to make your commute more pleasant.

    Below are my 5 favorite essential oils for stress:

    1. LavenderChances are good that you’ve heard of this essential oil, or at least the plant it comes from. You’ve probably also got a pretty good idea of what it smells like.  This one gets a lot of press for good reason. It’s an excellent stress buster and because of its popularity is pretty cheap. No matter which brand of essential oils you buy or which store or internet site you buy them from, you will have no trouble finding or affording lavender. *Beware: There are many “aromatherapy” products out there that are lavender scented but many of them are scented with synthetic compounds that don’t really smell  like either the plant or the essential oil. Nor do they work in the same way.
    2. Roman chamomileThis one is a little less well-known, unless you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time. I recommend it often and for many different things. Roman chamomile has a floral aroma, but it’s not sickly sweet like some florals. It also blends well with several non-floral oils, like grapefruit and lemon, in case you’re not a big fan of flower scents. The only “downside” to this oil is its price; it tends to be a bit pricier than some people want to pay. Just keep in mind that you’re only using a couple drops in the diffuser, so the bottle will last a long time. Besides, a stress relieving oil that works well is worth its weight in gold.
    3. GeraniumAnother floral oil, geranium is a powerful stress reliever. It does tend to be a love it or hate it oil, though. I don’t know anybody who says “Geranium? Meh! I could take it or leave it.” Geranium is a great balancer for the hormonal system, so if you get stressed out on a monthly basis, you may want to seriously consider spending some cash on this oil.  It can be a bit pricy so you’ll want to make sure you like the aroma before you buy. *By the way, it won’t do you any good to smell the geranium plants on your patio, because this oil is from a different species of geranium. Sorry.
    4. Clary sageFinally… a non-floral oil. Clary sage is often described as sweet and nutty, or “kinda herby” or “sweet and kinda woodsy.” No matter how it smells to you, it is an excellent stress reliever when used in a diffuser. It can also be diluted (no more than 30 drops to an ounce of unscented lotion or oil) and used to relieve muscle tension that’s built up as a result of your stress. Just apply to tight muscles, and then take it easy for a while.
    5. NeroliI’ve never recommended this oil before. Not for any negative reasons, but simply because up until a couple months ago, I hadn’t used it. It’s an expensive oil, but it’s the most powerful stress reliever on the list. I wish I’d ponied up the cash a long time ago, because it’s simply that amazing. Neroli has a sweet, floral aroma that some describe as “slightly haunting.” The best way I can describe it is “Mmmmmmm…” *dreamy smile on face, eyes closed, floating a million miles away* 

    Well, there you have my picks for stress relieving oils. Which essential oil is your favorite for stress relief? Let me know in the comments below.

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