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  • Pro Tip: When to Cancel a Massage Due to Bad Weather

    Snowy road with cars sliding around

    Here in Michigan, we’re in the thick of winter. It’s that lovely time of year when you feel like you need to dress like Randy in A Christmas Story just to brave the elements. Of course you don’t dress like Randy, because you have better fashion sense than that, but still you consider it… at least you’d be warm and dry even if you can’t put your arms down.

    It’s also that time of year when you can wake up to 6 or more inches of new snow covering everything despite your weather app saying it won’t snow til sometime next week. Your commute can take twice to three times as long as normal if the weather’s bad, and it might take the plows hours to get to the surface streets because they’re so busy just trying to keep the expressways passable.

    Who Says Adults Shouldn’t Get Snow Days?!?

    Bosses in the snowbelt be like:

    • I expect you at your post on time no matter what the weather or roads are like
    • I expect you at work on time no matter how many feet of snow you have to clear off your car
    • I expect you to come into work no matter if it’s snowing so hard you can’t tell you’ve shoveled the first part of the driveway by the time you’ve reached the end.
    • I expect you in the office even if every road between your house and work is closed due to crashes and hazardous road conditions
    • I will dock your pay if you die in a fiery crash trying to get to work on icy, snow-covered roads in whiteout conditions

    I know some of you sunbelters will think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Well, maybe the last one… but only a little. Seriously. I could tell you stories!

    Lucky for you, your massage therapist is not your boss. Most of us have a common sense cancellation policy when it comes to winter weather. Many will cancel their day if the local school district cancels school, others take a wait and see attitude. Some of us live within walking distance of our offices and will never cancel due to weather, instead leaving the decision up to you whether to keep your appointment or cancel.

    When weather and road conditions are bad in the winter most of us won’t charge you for cancelling or rescheduling your appointment. (IMO, find a new one if yours does.) I for one will always bow to your expert knowledge of yourself and your driving ability. If driving on snowy roads makes you nervous, by all means cancel. If you just moved up here from somewhere down south and have almost no experience driving on icy roads, please cancel. Dying for a massage should not be a literal statement.