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  • My Yearly Rant on How to be Sick Without Being an A-hole

    stay home when you're sick

    What to do When You’re Sick

    I could make this the shortest blog post I’ve ever written and just say “STAY HOME,” but that would hardly be considered a rant. And I’m in the mood to rant. *Warning: Stop reading now if you somehow think that putting others’ health at risk is an OK thing to do or that you somehow, magically don’t infect people with your contagion. Cause Imma ’bout to p*ss you right off and I don’t have the energy for a fight today.*

    It’s early. Too early to do much else, so I decided to write a new blog post for this week and reschedule the one I’d already written to next week. I’m currently sitting on my couch covered in blankets with a box of tissues, essential oils, and a stack of books nearby because I woke up yesterday with some respiratory crud that someone didn’t have the decency to keep to themselves. I’ve already lost a days income from canceling a full day of clients yesterday and will have lost another by the time you read this because I’m still not in good enough shape to close myself in a small room with someone for an hour without pretty much ensuring that they’ll get whatever is beating the crap out of my lungs. Hell, there’s a high likelihood that anyone who comes near me will catch it.

    Your Excuses for Risking Others’ Health Are BS

    I hear the same tired excuses year after year from clients, coworkers, friends, office/suite mates, and even occasionally complete strangers in stores as to why they didn’t stay home when they’re sick.

    • I need the money – I sympathize the most with this one. Truly I do. Being on day 2 of no income myself (no sick days for the self-employed, you know), I know the battle that goes on inside your brain trying to justify going to work. Your bills don’t stop because you’re sick, I get that; neither do mine. But here’s the thing I’ve discovered over the last 5-10 years: When I move out fear-based decisions and into decisions based on what’s right I find that the Universe always provides. Somehow. Usually in the most unexpected ways.
    • I’m no longer *cough, cough* contagious – I don’t *sneeze, blow nose* believe you.
    • If I didn’t see clients who are sick or if I stayed home every time I was under the weather I’d never see anybody – This is wrong on so many levels because as you might gather, I heard it from a complementary healthcare provider (who treats HEALTHY clients, much like a massage therapist does). Thankfully, I’ve only ever heard one person say it. But one is enough, dontcha think? (I included it here so you could see the extent to which some people try to justify putting large numbers of people’s health at risk.)  With friends like that…
    • If someone gets sick from me, they weren’t very healthy to begin with – Even the strongest wall will fall if you hit it enough times with strong enough weapons. A body is no different, even the healthiest body’s defenses will crumble after being bombarded enough. And by the way, aren’t you a sick pot calling the ill kettle black?
    • My boss will fire me if I don’t go to work – In this economy, with jobs still in short supply, I can’t argue with that one. But if that’s the case you seriously need to find another job. I mean it. Now. Any boss who would put all of their employees AND customers at risk is a boss who cares more about money than their employees and customers. And that’s *ss backward if you ask me, since without customers or employees there is no business; there’s just Ebeneezer counting his/her money.
    • But I don’t want to let my coworkers down – Do you have any idea what they’re saying behind your back when you come to work sick? They would rather be shorthanded than get whatever plague you’re carrying. Believe me.
    • But I don’t want my provider to lose money by canceling my appointment – Here’s another option you don’t seem to have considered: either we lose the income from you when you’re sick and cancel, or we lose a day’s, or several day’s, income when you infect us and we stay home to get well and not infect others. Let me assure you, most whole-heartedly, we would rather lose one fee than 2 or 3 days worth of fees. Wouldn’t you?

    When you hear people talk about the latest crud that’s “going around,” do you ever think that, perhaps, if more people stayed home when they’re sick there would be fewer things “going around” and for less time? I certainly believe that! I’m doing my part to stop the cycle of respiratory crud going around these parts. Will you do yours?

    Now it’s your turn:

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