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  • Migraine Forecast

    The last few posts were a bit on the long side, so I’m going to keep this one short!

    Migraine HeadacheDo you ever wish you could predict when your migraines would hit? In some cases, it is possible! You have to know your triggers, of course, in order for prediction to work. The first three involve some work, but  are very useful. The last one is so simple it may surprise you – I just learned about it recently myself.

    1. Keep a food vs migraine diary – admittedly this is more useful for prevention, but could be used as a predictor, if you just can’t live with out one or more of your food triggers.

    2. Keep a stress vs migraine diary – this should include as many stressors as possible from family members, to all of the extra “obligations” you take on, to bosses, work deadlines, and coworkers, to anything else you can think of. If you notice strong correlations you may be able to move from predicting to preventing by engaging some stress management strategies.

    3. Keep an environment vs migraine diary – include bright lights, fluorescent lighting, noise level, cigarette/cigar smoke, and technology usage.

    4. Use Accuweather’s migraine forecast tool; just put your city and state in the box and hit enter (if it switches from the migraine forecast to weather, just click the health tab toward the right side of the screen to get back to the migraine forecast). This is seriously cool, stuff. It tells you when the weather will be beneficial, neutral, at risk, high risk, and extreme.

    I would love to hear from anyone who uses the migraine forecast; please leave me a comment if you do.