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  • Increase Your Energy Level With Reiki

    ReikiLet me start by saying that reiki is not a miracle cure for anything. Some people have miraculous stories of healing and others simply report feeling more relaxed, having a bit more energy, or having greater mental clarity. I don’t pretend to know how reiki works, I just know that it does. It has worked for me, when I had no expectations and thought reiki was a load of BS. It’s worked for many of my clients, including a woman with chronic fatigue syndrome who had a statewide competition the very next day (she tied for first, btw). It might just work for you too.

    So here’s a short list of how reiki can help increase your energy level.

    Many people find that reiki:

    • is relaxing; more relaxing than just laying down for an hour. It can turn off  (or turn down)  your stress response which lessens your fatigue because  it requires a huge amount of energy to maintain the fight or flight response.
    • activates your body’s relaxation response, which is required for  the body to heal itself, thereby helping heal those poor exhausted adrenals. When the adrenals aren’t functioning properly, not only can’t they supply you with an energy boost when you need it, they actually suck away some of your energy to repair themselves (any organ that isn’t functioning optimally requires energy to help itself heal).
    • helps them sleep better and/or longer. This means there’s a very good chance that you’ll have more energy upon waking the next morning.
    • gives them greater mental clarity and eases mental exhaustion

    See, I told you it was a short list. At it’s most basic, reiki is a tool for self-healing. If you’re interested in seeing if reiki works for you, find a reiki practitioner in your area and book a session. If you like it, you can take a reiki training class for close to (and often times less than) the cost of 2 reiki sessions. After your first class, you’ll be able to do reiki on yourself whenever you want or need. But don’t go totally DIY on me, when I’m really tired or stressed I find I don’t get as much benefit from treating myself as when I get to lay back and let someone else do all the work. There’s something to be said for knowing your limits.

    Have you had a reiki session? How did you feel afterward?

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  1. My first Reiki session, I was a total skeptic. Really, something is going to happen by someone holding hands above me. Sounded fishy. But after that first session, I became a firm believer. I was able to gain mental clarity, insights, and peace regarding a problem that had me stumped for some time. It was a great experience. I went onto become a Reiki Master Teacher.