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  • How to Stretch Like a Boss


    Stretch like a boss

    If you’re like most people, you spend a good portion of your work day with your arms in front of you and your palms turned downward. Then when you get home, you spend a few more hours in that position making dinner, surfing the interwebs, or playing games on one of your devices. As a result, your shoulders may roll forward taking your arms along for the ride. This can cause pain in your shoulders, upper arms, elbows, upper back, mid back, and even your neck. That’s not good.

    The problem is, you probably need your job to pay rent and put food on the table. And the fun stuff is, well… fun. You don’t want to give that up, do you? So what’s a 21st century person to do?? I’ll tell you what… Stretch like a boss.

    That’s right, you heard me. Stretch like a boss. Put your arms behind your head, kick back, and bring your elbows apart just enough that you are starting to feel a stretch in your chest and/or upper arms. (see picture above) That’s it. Easy peasy. Like a boss!

    P.S. There’s been some research that shows this position can give you more self-confidence, too. If that’s not an appealing side effect, I don’t know what is.