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  • How to Make Massage More Affordable


    massage is expensiveI hear it all the time… “Oh, I really want to get a massage but I just can’t afford it.” “If my insurance would pay for it, I’d get massage a lot more often.” “I’d get massage more often if it weren’t so expensive.” “Massage takes away my stress and pain, I just wish I had the money for it.”

    Yes, at anywhere from $50-$80 an hour (more in some places) massage can seem pricey, and for some folks it IS out of reach. But if you’re a typical middle class American, it’s actually more affordable than you think…if you really want it to be. Here’s how (in no particular order):

    • Make it a priority – Just longing for a massage or longing for enough cash in hand to afford a massage is not the same thing as making it a priority. Once you make something a priority it becomes easier to not spend money on frivolous or non-priority items in order to afford the thing you really want. My husband and I did an experiment a few years ago in order to make a serious effort to pay down our debt (that is, we made paying down debt our priority.) Before each purchase, we asked ourselves, “Is this a priority?” Most of the time, it wasn’t. Sometimes, however, a cup of Starbucks, that really cool item on sale (or better yet, clearance), dinner out, or a movie at the theater WAS a priority (but not often) – some movies really need to be seen on the big screen, sometimes Starbucks really does make everything seem right with the world for a short time, and sometimes you’re going to go absolutely crazy if you can’t do just one “normal” thing once in a while.
    • Buy a massage package or series – Many massage therapists offer massage packages (sometimes called a series) where you prepay for a specific number of sessions and in return you get those sessions at a discounted price.
    • Gift certificates – When family and friends ask what you want for your birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines day (HEY! This one’s coming up soon), etc., you tell them you want a gift certificate to your favorite massage therapist. Easy peasy and it costs you nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.
    • Indulge less – Now before you go getting all upset, I’m not judging. I’m as fond of my Starbuck’s Chai as anyone else. I also love me some pain au chocolate (chocolate-filled croissant) from the artisan bakery up the street. Here’s the way I look at it: I’d buy a grande chai (at $3.85) everyday if I didn’t have a good reason not to. But… If I only buy 5 Grande chai lattes instead of 7 each week, in  3 months I’ll have more than enough to pay for a massage from my favorite therapist. (Yes, we pay for massage too, because sometimes (OK, often) it’s nice to just pay and not have to find time to reciprocate a trade.)
    • Save up – Simply divide the cost of a massage by frequency you want to get one and then save that much each week.
    • Progressive Saving – I LOVE this one, personally. Save $1 the first week, $2 the second week, $3 the third, and so on. In 3 months you’ll have enough for a massage. If you want massage every 6 weeks, just double your weekly contributions. Once you’ve saved enough for your massage start back at the beginning.

    So now you know the secret to affording a massage (or anything else you may want). I’m sure there are lots of other things that people do to make massage more affordable. If you have one, I’d love for you to tell me about it in the comments below. And, please, feel free to hit the share button while you’re down there.