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  • How Reiki Differs From a Psychic Reading

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    What Reiki Isn’t

    If I had a nickel for every time a new reiki client said, “You’ll let me know about any deeper issues you find or messages you get during the session, right?,” I’d have a big ‘ol jar full of nickels right now. A really big jar. Like one of those ginormous ones that people save their change in for years. Yeah… that many.

    I’m afraid I disappoint those who are hoping to find out the deeper meaning of their physical and emotional issues through their reiki session. I’m not psychic. I never have been and I never will be, even though I’m attuned to the level of “reiki master.” (I put that in quotes because I don’t like the term master – no one is a “master” just because they are attuned to a certain level – but it’s the term that people know so I use it.)

    Let me clear one thing up right now. Reiki attunements do not confer psychic powers! Some people are psychic and some psychics get attuned to reiki, but one does not beget the other. It may help one become aware of latent psychic abilities, but it doesn’t confer them on anyone.

    If anything, the attunement process can cause some people to feel pressure to receive “messages,” especially if they believe that reiki makes it possible to receive additional information about a person in addition to being a conduit for the reiki energy. It can also cause pressure if many of the other students in their reiki class are receiving information or if the teacher seems to expect it of them. Often times, in an attempt to either fit in or meet their own expectations, reiki practitioners will interpret random thoughts and feelings as “messages” that they need to convey to their client; especially if their client has expressed a desire to receive such “messages.” How do I know that? Easy. I was one of those people who tried to find meaning and messages for my early clients. I did them a great disservice and I apologize.

     One last thing to consider on the topic of psychic messages during a reiki session: Because the energy is passing through the reiki practitioner (I’ll get to that in a minute), the person giving you reiki is also receiving reiki. If they do indeed receive a “message,” it may very well be for them. It would take a very experienced person to discern the difference between a message meant for them and one meant for their client, especially since many messages are symbolic in nature.

    What Reiki Is

    So if reiki doesn’t give you deep insights into your physical and mental woes, what exactly does it do? What IS reiki?

    Reiki is a form of energy work. Energy work is based on the principle that everything and everyone is made of energy. In days of old, it was called “laying on of hands.” Your body has an innate ability to heal itself, but that ability is impeded by stress. Reiki is intended to relax you and allow that innate ability to function normally again. For those who are interested, reiki can also help clear your aura or balance your chakras.

    Reiki practitioners do not use their own energy. Instead, they use what’s termed Universal or Source energy. This energy is available all around us, and the practitioner uses her/himself as a conduit for that energy by focusing the energy through their crown (top of the head) down through the heart, and then splitting it so that half goes down each arm and out each hand into the client. 

    I’m a kinesthetic person, meaning I get more and better information from my sense of touch than I do from sight or sound. I can feel both the reiki energy and the energy of the client. I can tell you how your energy feels to me (hot, cold, thick, wispy, buzzy, popping (like popcorn or hot oil), congested, depleted, etc.), but I can’t… OK won’t… attempt to interpret what that means. Some people can see energy and may, for example, see red around your liver. That could mean lots of things; after all, red has many different meanings (anger, vibrancy, stability, and passion, to name a few) in different cultures and also to different people in the same culture. They’re doing you a huge disservice if they tell you that they see red around your liver so that means you must have a deep seated anger issue that’s causing your current problems. 

    My advice: If you want reiki, book a reiki session. If you want a psychic reading, book an appointment with a psychic.

    Now it’s your turn. Have you ever had a reiki practitioner give you “messages” during or after your session? Had you asked for them? How well did the “messages” resonate with you? Were any of them flat out wrong or way off the mark? Let me know in the comments below.