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  • Decrease Back-to-School Shoulder Pain With These 5 Tips

    Well, it’s back to school time. That means carrying books and backpacks filled with books It's back to school timeon a daily basis. I don’t know about you, but my shoulders are aching in sympathy just by thinking about it. So, here are 5 tips you can use to reduce the stress and strain on your child’s shoulders.
    • Make sure backpacks have wide, padded shoulder straps – wide straps spread out the weight and the padding keeps the straps from cutting into the shoulders
    • Carry backpacks on BOTH shoulders – this spreads the weight evenly between both shoulders and reduces the possibility of injury
    • Carry backpacks high on the back – this prevents excess strain on the shoulder muscles and will also make the backpack feel lighter than if it were worn low
    • If your child insists on carrying his/her backpack to school on one shoulder, insist that they carry it home on the other shoulder – this will at least even out the burden, otherwise serious injury could result, especially if the child is still growing
    • When carrying books, alternate arms. Carry them to class in one arm, back to the locker (or on to the next class) in the other to reduce overuse injuries.

    P.S. These tips apply to adults, too. So if you’ve gone back to school, heed the above advice.

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