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  • Cry Your Way To Stress Release

    Crying relieves stressHave you ever let yourself have a really good cry when you’re stressed? Or do you try to hold back the tears, thinking that your stress is a stupid thing to cry about? Maybe  you think you’re being silly or childish for wanting to cry, so you fight back the tears. You probably choke them back at work because it’s not professional to cry at the office, but do you let them out when you get home?.

    Newsflash… crying is an excellent way to release stress. One of the best, actually.

    Let me ask you this: Do you feel any better when you keep yourself from crying? I don’t know about you, but when I don’t allow myself to cry I feel like I’m forever on the edge of tears. Any and every little thing can set me off; I’m completely miserable. Once I have a good cry, I usually feel a lot better.

    Someone once gave me a great piece of advice, “Stop thinking/saying ‘I can’t stop crying.’ You can’t stop crying because you’re trying to stop. Try to cry as long and hard as you can; I bet you won’t even make it to 5 minutes.” He was right. While I’ve never timed myself, I’m certain that I’ve never gone more than 10 minutes in a full on, let-it-all-out type cry. The best part is the sense of happiness and relief that I often feel after a good cry.

    There’s a bonus to all this, too: A good cry will not only help release your current stress, but also the stress that’s settled in your body from some of those times in the past when you didn’t allow yourself to cry. Even better… you don’t have to currently be stressed to tears to take advantage of this release valve. The simple act of crying can help release past stresses.

    Here are a few ways you can get rid of some old stress through a good old-fashioned crying jag if you’re not stressed out enough to bring one on*:

    • Watch a tear jerker at home (If you’re self-conscious about crying in public, this is a great choice for you)
    • Watch a tear jerker at the theater (If you respond to other’s emotions this is a good option for you)
    • Watch one, or several, of the thousands of heart-warming videos on YouTube
    • Watch a heart-wrenching documentary
    • Shed tears of joy – at a wedding, watching any of the amazing proposal videos on YouTube and social media, etc.
    • Read a book that has been described as “poignant”
    • Read a book that has been described as “heart-wrenching”
    • Laugh until you cry

    *The things you cry over don’t have to have anything to do with the things that stressed you out in the first place. In fact, I recommend NOT re-traumatizing yourself; actively seek out topics that have nothing to do with the most traumatic or stressful events in your life.

    So, what’s your experience? Have you ever cried away the stress? Let me know in the comments below. (and don’t forget to share this with your peeps on social media… thanks)