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  • Can Massage Help Vertigo?

    Red & white round abstract vortex Have you ever considered massage or bodywork for help with your dizziness or vertigo? If you’re like most people, you haven’t. And I totally understand why you wouldn’t. But maybe you should.

    The usefulness of massage or bodywork to help with vertigo or dizziness depends on what’s causing it.

    Massage Won’t Help If…

    • You have an ear infection. You should see a doctor and get some antibiotics if needed.
    • You have crystals in your ear that are out of place. A doctor, audiologist, or physical therapist should be able to do a maneuver to help move the crystals back where they belong.

    Massage or Bodywork Might Help If…

    • You have trigger points in certain muscles. Some trigger points can cause dizziness or vertigo. Having a massage therapist release those trigger points can eliminate your symptoms.
    • You have migraine disease. One way that migraine disease can manifest itself is through ideopathic vertigo (vertigo that they can’t determine a cause for). If your massage therapist or bodyworker specializes in migraines, they may (MAY) be able to help reduce the intensity and frequency of your vertigo.
    • You have restricted fascia (connective tissue) around &/or in your ears. A massage therapist or bodyworker who does MFR (myofascial release) or otherwise works with the fascia can help release the fascia.

    There is no guarantee that your vertigo will be eliminated or reduced, of course. Vertigo is a complex thing and all of its causes are not yet known, and you could have more than one thing going on in your body if you have repeated episodes of vertigo.

    It may not be an easy task to find a therapist who can help but you can start by talking to your massage therapist to find out if they have the training to help you. If they can’t, ask if they can recommend someone.  If it doesn’t work, you’ll at least be able to rule out trigger points and fascia. But if it does work, the time you spend finding and going to a massage therapist or bodyworker will be soooooo worth it.