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  • A Simple Self-Treatment for Tension Headaches

    Some days I prattle on and on about a topic, but today I’m in more of a show, don’t tell kinda mood. So, I’m going to show one simple thing you can do that will help reduce your tension headache pain.

    All tension headaches involve muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area. Most of them involve tension in the muscles that attach to the base of your skull.

    To relieve the tension in these muscles, place your hands where your head and neck meet. If the muscles are so thick that it all feels like bone back there, place your hands on the back of your skull. Now nod your head slowly and gradually lower your hands. When you first feel the muscles tighten up under your hands, you’ve found the spot.

    Place your hands here with just enough pressure to feel the muscles underneath, but not so much that you prevent easy movement.

    Start with your chin level and slowly raise your head just until you feel the muscles tense under your fingers. Now, slowly bring your head back and tuck your chin until you feel a change a different set of muscles engage.

    Left: Neutral position
    Top right: Slight incline
    Bottom right: Tuck and look down

    As you can see, you’re not nodding your head so much as slightly moving it up and down. Continue doing this slight up and down motion slowly several times. You should notice an improvement within a minute or two. If not, give it a rest for awhile and try later with less pressure. If no improvement, give it another rest and try again with more pressure.

    Feel free to do other small motions if your head and neck seem to want to move other ways besides up and down. Three that I often find helpful are looking left and right, up left/down right, and up right/down left.

    This is the technique I use the most when I have a tension headache. Try this the next time you have a tension headache and let me know how it works for you.

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  1. Sounds interesting, but difficult to understand your directions. You really should post a video instead.