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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Valentine’s Massages

    Valentines massage

    Plan For a Happy Valentine’s Day

    It’s that time of year again. Valentine’s day is right around the corner and people are busy making plans for the “most romantic day of the year.”
    There are a few things you should know if you want to include massage as part of your plans.
    1. Book Ahead! – Valentine’s day books up pretty quickly, so make your appointments as soon as possible. So do the days and weekends before and after Valentine’s Day. Please plan accordingly.
    2. No alcohol – We won’t massage you if you’re drunk for many reasons, not the least of which is that you’re more likely to puke all over our sheets and blankets (even if you wouldn’t have tossed your cookies at that level of inebriation otherwise). Eeeeewwww… That was relaxing wasn’t it?!?? Many therapists won’t massage you if you even smell like alcohol. Celebrate with champagne or cocktails after the massage.
    3. No Surprises – Surprising your significant other with a massage usually backfires. Make sure they actually like massage or are excited to try it before you book a surprise massage. Trust me on this one… I’ve seen too many fights and too many fights-in-waiting to give this idea a blanket green light for everyone. (Hint: we don’t like to massage angry or unhappy people when we’re part of the reason they’re angry or unhappy.)
    4. Keep it family friendly! -If you get a couple’s massage, please… no hanky panky in the room after the therapists leave. Leaving bodily fluids on the sheets means that we now have to treat them as a biohazard. (Hint: that’s a giant PITA and we don’t like it when it’s preventable.) And for what I hope are obvious reasons, we try very hard to distance our work from any hint of sex. So, getting busy with your significant other after the therapists leave the room is a good way to get yourself banned from that particular massage establishment.
    5. Remember that no means no – Some therapists don’t offer discounts. Ever. Not even for holidays. Feel free to ask if there are any specials, but don’t try to haggle (aka harass) one out of them if there aren’t. Please.

    Did any of these surprise you? I hope not, because I know you’re all savvy massage consumers. But do me a favor and share this using the handy buttons below. You know, just in case one of your acquaintances or followers isn’t as savvy as you.