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  • 5 Things to do Before Your Next Massage

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    Unless you’re stinking rich, the price of a good massage is more than just pocket change for you. Most of the onus is on your massage therapist to deliver, but there are few things you can do to help.

    1. Know WHY You Scheduled a Massage.

    Are you looking for stress relief? Is this a treat for you? Do you have an ache in your low back? Do you want to relax AND get rid of your pain? It’s important to know what your priorities are for your session. If pain relief is your primary goal, you’ll want to limit yourself to 1 priority for every half hour of session time.

    2. Arrive on Time or be Gracious About the Consequences

    If you arrive late, your therapist will likely dock your session and still end at the original time. They do this so that they can stay on time for all of their clients. It’s merely a consequence of being late, not a punishment. Think about it… You probably wouldn’t take too kindly to arriving on time for your massage and being made to wait 10 or 15 minutes while your therapist finishes a session on someone who was late to their appointment. It was their bad, yet you somehow suffer for it. Not cool, especially if you have somewhere to go afterwards.

    3. Go to the Bathroom First.

    It doesn’t matter whether you go right before you leave your home or office or if go as soon as you get to your massage therapist’s office; the important thing is to go before getting on the table. Because an hour is a LONG time to hold it, and it’s just not the same if you have to interrupt the session to run to the bathroom.

    4. Turn off or Silence Your Phone.

    By silence, I don’t mean put it on vibrate, I mean SILENCE it. Everytime a client’s phone rings or buzzes, I can feel them tense up a little bit. The pain we’re working to reduce is caused by tight, contracted muscles, and if your muscles are tensing up when your phone buzzes not only is our job harder, you won’t get the best results.

    5. Give Feedback

    If your therapist is using too much pressure and it’s uncomfortable, use your words and let them know. If you feel like you’re simply being petted like the family dog and it’s irritating you, ask for more pressure. If we hit a spot that reproduces your pain, for the love of god… let us know; we could have just found a trigger point that’s the key to your pain relief. Even if we’re looking for trigger points, we won’t know which ones are reproducing your pain unless you tell us.

    So there you have it. 5 things that are guaranteed to make any massage better. Best of all, they’re 5 things that you have total control over!

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