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  • 5 Sure Fire Ways to Deal With High Stress

    Duck and Cover chorus

    Everybody’s had to deal with highly stressful situations. Every. Single. Person. There’s no comparison or hierarchy necessary because they all suck big time. As the above song says, there’s nothing too special about getting hurt.

    Getting Over It Takes Some Work

    As I write this, it’s been just a month since my father died. It’s been hugely stressful, but thankfully I had a few coping strategies up my sleeve. Here are 5 things that worked for me and my family, and they’ll work for you also:

    • Neroli/frankincense essential oil blend – I can’t say enough about this blend; it calms the nervous system, helps to balance the emotions, opens the heart, and is an exceptional aid to maintain a spiritual connection at a time when it may become weakened.
    • Let others do for you – If someone offers to do something for you, be gracious and accept. You are not a burden. They wouldn’t offer if they didn’t want to do it. Think about the satisfaction you get from helping others… don’t deny your friends and relatives that same satisfaction. As another, very famous, song says, “I get by with a little help from my friends. “
    • Keep Your Sense of Humor – We joked about my father’s death. A Lot. Some people may have wondered how I, and my family, could joke around when someone close to us had just died, but to tell you the truth, it would have been devastating NOT to joke. Gallows humor helps you face the hardest things in life. Without it, you can easily get dragged into the depths where you’ll wallow. Humor helps give you some perspective, and the laughter that ensues is one of the few sources of stress relief available during the über hard times.
    • Take Your Time – Rarely is it necessary to deal with everything at once. Decide what the most important thing is and do that. Then tackle the next most important, and so on. Don’t forget to give yourself a short break if you’re getting too overwhelmed. When that happens, tackle one of the easy, but less important tasks; that way you’ll still be doing something but taking a break from the thing that’s increasing your stress. You could also take a break and just chill. By taking a break, you’ll go back to the task with a clearer head and calmer attitude.
    • Take care of, and even pamper, yourself – When my dad died, we had so much to do we were getting overwhelmed with it all. I suggested to my sisters and mom that we all go get manicures the day before the funeral. Mind you, none of us gets manicures very often and my 81 year old mother had never had a manicure. We had a wonderful 2 hours in the nail salon bonding over something happy (the manicures) and joking with our manicurist. We also had a short (and necessary) break from the stress of funeral planning and dealing with all of the other things that needed dealing with.

    No matter what kind of huge stressor you’re dealing with, you need to deal with it in your own way and your own time. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re moving too slow, too fast, or that you’re doing it wrong. These 5 strategies won’t take away your pain, but they will help you get through it a little more easily.