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  • 5 Essential Oils You Should Always Have

    4 essential oil bottlesI haven’t done a post about aromatherapy for a while. It’s time I remedied that.

    I know it’s summer and I know you want to get out and enjoy the 5 minutes of good weather we have each year, and so do I. So, I’m going to keep this short and sweet and tell you the 5 oils I always make sure to have on hand and why.

    Lavender Essential Oil

    Because it:

    • calms the nerves
    • relaxes the mind
    • helps minor skin burns heal faster
    • soothes menstrual cramps
    • relieves stress
    • relieves tension headaches
    • aids sleep

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Because it:

    • loosens phlegm
    • reduces coughing
    • helps you breathe when you’re stuffy
    • speeds healing of colds
    • is antiseptic
    • repels insects

    Rosemary Essential Oil

    Because it:

    • is invigorating
    • is mentally stimulating
    • aids concentration
    • aids memory
    • is antiseptic

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Because it:

    • is anti-viral
    • is anti-bacterial
    • is anti-fungal
    • speeds healing of pimples

    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Complete or Extra)

    Because it:

    • is relaxing
    • is a supposed aphrodisiac
    • aids sleep
    • helps regulate hormones (and aids pre- and perimenopausal symptoms)

    That’s it. Two other reasons I’ve chosen these oils is that they’re all readily available online from reputable suppliers and they won’t break the bank.

    So… if you’ve wanted to start your own essential oil kit but were a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities, you’ve now got a good place to start.