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  • 3 Ways Massage Complements Chiropractic Care

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    Every ache and pain in your neck and back is not caused by a vertebra needing to be put back in place by a chiropractor. Neither are they universally caused by tight muscles. Sometimes, I’d even go so far as to say often, tight muscles co-exist with out-of-place vertebrae (aka subluxations). This is why so many massage therapists recommend chiropractors and vice versa.

    Complementary Not Alternative

    Just as massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other holistic therapies are complementary to western medicine, rather than an alternative to it, they are also complementary to one another.

    This week I have 3 reasons why you’ll want to combine massage and chiropractic:

    1. Relaxation – Massage is an excellent way to de-stress and relax before your adjustment. This makes it easier for your chiropractor to adjust you, which means less discomfort (or pain) for you. If your chiropractor typically has a difficult time adjusting you, you’ll want to get a massage before your adjustment.
    2. Physics –  It’s not uncommon for tight muscles to pull one or more vertebrae out of position. Releasing those tight muscles will help your adjustments last longer. If your adjustments don’t last more than a day or two, you’ll want to get a massage right after your adjustment. Just make sure to tell your therapist that you just had an adjustment and want to help maintain it; this will help them choose the right techniques and pressure for you.
    3. Pain relief – Tight muscles can cause pain. Vertebrae that are out of place can also cause pain. Massage releases muscles that are short and painful. It also releases muscles that are short but aren’t painful in and of themselves; instead these short muscles pull on other muscles stretching them to the point of pain. Massage also releases short, tight muscles that are pulling vertebrae out of place. One way or another, you get pain relief.

    If you’ve never been to a chiropractor or a massage therapist, don’t worry. Most massage therapists can refer you to a good chiropractor and vice versa.

    Have you used massage and chiropractic together? If so, did you find it beneficial? Let me know in the comments. And, if you liked it, don’t forget to share this using the handy buttons just below the post.