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  • 33 Reasons You Need to Get Control of Your Stress

    StressYou know you need to reduce your stress and learn more effective ways of dealing with it. I’m pretty sure that every wellness blogger out there has harped on this more times than either of us would care to count. Very rarely, however, do they tell you why. When they do tell you why, it’s often too detailed in the bodily response (hormones a, b, & c are released), but doesn’t translate that response into useful info like what those bodily responses MEAN in real life. So here’s your real life guide to the importance of stress management.


    1. causes tension headaches.
    2. causes you to be more susceptible to your migraine triggers.
    3. can cause you to gain unhealthy amounts of weight in the areas of your body where it’s least healthy to do so
    4. can can cause you to lose unhealthy amounts of weight (Yes. You can be too thin, despite what you see in TV, movies, and magazines)
    5. makes weight loss difficult
    6. turns your memory to swiss cheese
    7. intensifies pain
    8. makes you more susceptible to illness (like getting every cold or flu bug that your coworkers bring into the office or your kid brings home from daycare or school)
    9. causes insomnia
    10. causes upset stomach
    11. makes conditions you already have worse or harder to control
    12. makes it more likely that you’ll develop conditions you have a predisposition towards
    13. causes high blood pressure
    14. can cause or exacerbate anxiety/worry
    15. can cause or exacerbate depression
    16. increases your chance of workplace injury (according to OSHA & WebMD)
    17. makes you moody
    18. makes you irritable
    19. makes it difficult to relax
    20. causes diarrhea 
    21. causes constipation
    22. causes aches and pains that no one can find a cause for
    23. makes you feel exhausted all the time
    24. makes you want to sleep excessively
    25. causes rapid heartbeat &/or chest pain
    26. increases nervous habits like nail biting, hair twirling, pacing, etc
    27. increases appetite
    28. decreases appetite
    29. increases procrastination
    30. makes fingernails grow ridges
    31. causes hair loss
    32. reduces your sex drive
    33. causes frown lines

     If you have any (or more than likely, several) of these effects, but don’t feel all that stressed, I’ll explain why in next week’s blog post. So, stay tuned. Feel free to subscribe by email or rss… hint, hint.