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  • 10 Great Summertime Stress-Busters

    Individualized CareEvery season has it’s own unique ways of helping us beat stress. Here are my top 10 for summer, in no particular order.

    1. Sunshine  – Yay! Time to get outside, make a little vitamin D, and enjoy the sunshine. It’s a great mood enhancer, especially after stormy spring skies. 
    2. Festivals – Tis is the season for great outdoor festivals (at least in these northern parts). Irish and Celtic fests, Highland games, ethnic heritage festivals, and music and art festivals of all sorts abound this time of year. There’s something for everyone’s taste and a good time can be had by all. Fun and laughter are the enemies of stress, you know.
    3. Lemonade – Whether you like it tart, sweet, or spiked there’s nothing like a nice cold glass on a hot summer day to help you chill out. Even if it’s just for a couple minutes.
    4. Hammocks – I challenge anyone to lay in a hammock for any length of time without starting to doze off or at least calm down. Nothing fights off stress like taking it easy in a hammock.
    5. Swimming – Even if you do it for fun, swimming is exercise. And exercise is a great way to relieve stress.
    6. Picnics – Something about eating finger food outside brings out the kid in all of us. Getting in touch with our inner child is a great way to leave some of your grown up stress behind, even if only for a couple hours.
    7. Naps – The thing about summer is that no one thinks you’re lazy if you take a nap in the middle of the day (provided you’re not at work, that is). Just blame the heat for sapping all your energy and go lay down and call on sleep to take you away from the stress of  it all.
    8. Barbeques – Mmmmm… nothing says easy summer living than having a BBQ with friends or family. Grilled food, cold beverages, and lots of laughter is a great way to send stress packing for a few hours.
    9. Fresh picked fruit – No other food experience has the ability to transport you to another (stress-free) realm more than biting into a piece of fresh picked fruit and savoring the full, sweet flavor.
    10. Vacation – The best thing about vacation in the summertime is that you can combine the other 9 with this one and have the ultimate stress-busting experience.

    Do you have a summertime stress buster? Please share it in the comments, and spread the stress-relieving love, won’t you?

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