Tension Headache Relief

Tension Headache

Tension Headaches May be Common, but They’re not Normal

Did you know that it’s not healthy to have more than 2-3 headaches per year? Yes, per year. If you have more than that you need to find the cause. You also need to find relief! 

A few headache facts you need to know: 

  • Tension headaches have a variety of causes, symptoms, and solutions
  • Headaches shouldn’t last more than an hour or two
  • Some headaches start in the neck before moving to your head
  • Some headaches start in the head before moving into the neck and shoulders
  • Some headaches are a pain in your backside (and vice versa)
  • Sometimes a tension headache isn’t really a tension headache at all; it’s a different type of headache altogether and won’t be relieved by massage
  • Many pain relievers cause rebound headaches if taken too often

You Deserve Relief

Through the right combination of massage, bodywork, Reiki, and aromatherapy, the frequency and the intensity of your headaches can be reduced. Many times, by working together we can eliminate your headaches altogether. If your headaches are caused by allergy or food related issues, I can refer you to excellent practitioners who can help you manage or possibly even eliminate those issues. 

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