Neck & Shoulder Pain

sore neck and shoulders

If you have neck and shoulder pain, New Yew can help

  • Do you have knots the size of boulders in your shoulders?
  • Are your shoulder knots extremely tender?
  • Do you need an elbow jammed into them just to be able to feel the pressure?
  • Do you have trouble turning your head far enough to see your blind spot when driving?
  • Is there a pinching sensation where your neck and shoulder meet whenever you look in a specific direction?
  • Can your shoulders be found somewhere in the vicinity of your ears?
  • Does the area between your shoulder blades ache all the time? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help!

During the 10 years I spent as a chemist, I developed visible knots along the tops of my shoulders which began as small painful lumps but gradually morphed into large boulders that had very little feeling. The gap between my shoulders and ears gradually closed until it finally looked as if I were wearing my shoulders as earrings. It wasn’t pretty. The area between my shoulder blades ached all the time and I often had a kink in one part of my neck or another. When I became a massage therapist, the first thing I concentrated on was learning everything I could about the neck and shoulders in an attempt to find out how to “fix” my own neck and shoulders. My personal experience has given me the insight I need to be able to help you reduce or eliminate your own shoulder and neck pain.

How I can help (What you get):

  • An individualized treatment plan with your goals and needs in mind
  • Flexibility, should your goals or needs change
  • A combination of massage, bodywork, reiki, and/or aromatherapy – no need to choose just one (but all 4 in the same session would probably be a bit much)
  • A therapist who’s been specializing in neck and shoulder issues since 2002
  • A therapist who has first-hand knowledge of the dysfunction caused by chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • A therapist with a large number of techniques in her toolbox, because each person responds to a given technique differently
  • A therapist with extensive knowledge of the anatomy of neck and shoulder pain… the culprits are often in unexpected places
  • Help to design an effective stress management plan that will be tailored to your needs, personality, and lifestyle

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