Migraine Headache Relief

Migraine Headache

If you have migraine headaches, New Yew can help

  • Do you get migraine headaches?
  • Are your migraines hormone related?
  • Do they coincide with your menstrual cycle?
  • Do you know your migraine triggers?
  • Do you have stress-related migraines?
  • Do your migraines sometimes last for days?
  • Do you want help to reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines? 

I can help.

I spent most of my childhood feeling powerless to help my mother with her migraines. When I became a massage therapist, I finally began amassing the tools I would have needed to help her if she hadn’t already discovered her triggers years before and been migraine free for a couple decades.

I’ve spent years studying headaches and know that migraines cannot be treated as if they’re just a really bad headaches (because they are not); they’re a neurological disorder. When you have a migraine, you feel intense pulsating or throbbing pain on one side of your head that limits or impairs normal activity. It’s often intensified by physical exertion. To be considered a migraine, these symptoms must be accompanied by nausea and at least one of the following: sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, and/or sensitivity to smell. Through a combination of massage, bodywork, aromatherapy, trigger identification, and stress reduction, you and I can work together to reduce both the intensity and the frequency of your migraines.

*Note: If you have headaches that fit this description, you NEED to have them diagnosed by a doctor because many very serious conditions can mimic the pain patterns of migraines. While the more serious conditions are fairly rare, it really is a case of better safe than sorry. As a responsible massage therapist, I won’t work on your migraines if you haven’t been diagnosed. This is because, in many cases, headache massage will make these serious conditions worse.

How I can help (What you get):

  • An individualized treatment plan designed with your goals and needs in mind
  • Flexibility, should your goals or needs change
  • Help to find your migraine triggers
  • Strategies to help you to avoid or manage your triggers
  • An experienced therapist who has specialized in headaches and migraines since 2005
  • A therapist with a large number of techniques in her toolbox, because each person responds to a given technique differently
  • A combination of massage, bodywork, reiki, and aromatherapy services
  • Help to design an effective stress management plan that will be tailored to your needs, personality, and lifestyle

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