Chronic Pain

Pain relieving massage

 If you have chronic pain, New Yew can help

  • Do you have regular pain from stress-induced muscle tension?
  • Do you have a chronic condition that causes you pain on a daily or almost daily basis?
  • Do you have lasting pain from a past injury that’s long-since healed?
  • Do you have chronic pain that no one has yet found an explanation for? 

If so, I can help!

If you have chronic pain, you know how debilitating it can be; especially when people tell you that you “don’t look sick” or “don’t look like you’re in that much pain.” That’s because most people don’t know that chronic pain is very different from the pain of an injury (also called acute pain). There are many causes of chronic pain and almost as many ways to reduce it. Depending on the cause, it may not be possible to totally eliminate your chronic pain, but together we can usually reduce the intensity of the pain and the frequency of the flare ups.

Not long after becoming a massage therapist in 2002, I saw my first client with chronic pain. He told me that I was the first therapist to give him real relief and he became one of my first “regular” clients. The number of clients with chronic pain who showed up on my massage table and became regulars after that gradually increased. In 2005, there was a sharp increase in those numbers and I received feedback from many of them that they felt I had a knack for working with chronic pain. I decided to pursue specialization.

I’ve now spent the majority of my massage career learning all that I can about  chronic pain. There’s more to treating chronic pain than taking a few classes, which are usually taught by “experts” who have never had chronic pain themselves. I listen to what my clients tell me about how their pain can change from day to day or minute to minute, as well as what makes their pain worse; I read as many books and blogs written by people with chronic pain as I can; and I try to keep up to date with the latest research. Most importantly, I never assume that I know more about your pain or your body than you do.

How I can help (What you get):

  • An individualized treatment plan with your goals and needs in mind
  • Flexibility, should your goals or needs change
  • A large number of techniques available, because there are many means to the same end and everyone responds to a given technique differently
  • Choice of massage, bodywork, reiki, and/or aromatherapy
  • A therapist who knows the difference between chronic pain and acute (injury) pain
  • A therapist who specializes in chronic pain
  • A therapist who does her best to stay current on chronic pain research
  • Help to design an effective stress management plan that will be tailored to your needs, personality, and lifestyle

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