Your Session, Your Way

Your pain and challenges are unique to you, and you deserve to be treated like the individual you are. I don’t do cookie cutter massage routines or “standard” Reiki hand placement, nor do I try to force my treatment goals onto you. I ask you what YOUR goals are and then work with them.

  • Do you want me to spend the entire session focused on relieving the pain you have somewhere? You’ve got it!
  • Want a stress relieving, relaxing massage without any therapeutic attempts to get the knots out? Done!
  • Do you want a full body massage with focused attention to the tight spots? No problem!
  • Too warm, too cold, too much or not enough pressure? Just let me know!

At New Yew, I specialize in working with:

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Chronic Stress

Tension Headache Relief

Migraine Headaches

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Chronic Pain


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