Stress Coaching

Lessen your stress

What is a Stress Coaching?

Stress mentoring is a 60 or 90 minute consultation in which I help you understand and prioritize your current stressors. Together, we design an individualized stress management plan that is tailored to your needs, personality, and lifestyle. I will also help you develop a strategy that empowers you to implement your new plan. The plan will contain both stress relief (reactive) and stress reduction (proactive) strategies for a complete system of stress management.

Learn from my experience! It took me almost 5 years to begin to get a handle on the overwhelming amount of stress I had in my own life when I began pursuing a career in massage. I was working close to 70 hours per week, commuting 45 miles each way, and trying to please everyone (except myself). My shoulders and neck were like concrete and I had several chronic medical conditions. With the help of every affordable resource I could find (and a few that weren’t so affordable), I was finally able to piece together my own stress management plan. Since then, I have radically reduced the stress in my own life as well as drastically reformed my response to stress. I am no longer bothered by any of the chronic conditions that once plagued me, either. Since helping myself, I’ve gone on to help many of my massage clients better manage their stress as well.

Now, I’ve created a system out of the informal help I’ve been giving clients over the last 10+ years. With this intensive stress management session (or series of sessions), I guarantee it won’t take 5 years to get you on the road to better stress management. 

Who Should Get Stress Mentoring?

  • Anyone who wants to get a handle on their stress
  • Anyone who needs some objectivity regarding their stressors
  • Anyone who is willing to think outside the box when looking for solutions
  • Anyone who is ready to take control of their life

  Benefits of Stress Mentoring

  • Help to create an individualized stress management plan with your goals and needs in mind
  • Ongoing support to help you tweak or update the plan as needed
  • Empowerment to facilitate your own healing journey
  • An objective and compassionate ear to help you sort through your stressors
  • An objective viewpoint to help give you a different perspective on your stressors
  • Time tested techniques that will increase your ability to relax more fully
  • Time tested techniques that will increase your ability to keep stress at bay
  • This service can be provided regardless of where in the world you are located. Consults are available in person, or via phone or Skype.

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